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Job No: FHT1013
Location: Mansfield


About the Opportunity

Flavorite Mansfield is regularly looking for interested people to join their team as casual employees. Flavorite Mansfield offers base hourly rate and the opportunity to earn great bonus.

Duties will vary depending on labour requirements but could be in the following departments:

Production (Click here to view position description)

• Picking - Removal of fruit from vine in line with quality and colour requirements
• De-leafing – Removing leaves to improve the growth of the plants and to make the next harvesting truss visible
• Other duties such as cleaning & machinery operation where required.

Crop Care (Click here to view position description)

• Twisting – Training the plants to grow up the string supports
• Truss Pruning – Selecting the best fruit to achieve optimal truss production
• Layering – Lowering the plants for picking and de-leafing
• De-leafing – Removing leaves to improve the growth of the plants and to make the next harvesting truss visible
• Other duties such as arch supports, crop spraying, and identifying crop pests and diseases where required.

To see a demonstration of some of these duties, visit our You Tube site: http://www.youtube.com/user/FlavoriteHydroponics

Core capabilities of successful candidates:

• Previous experience with repetitive tasks
• Ability to follow instruction
• Reliable and motivated
• Good level of fitness
• Strong team work abilities
• High attention to detail
• Basic level of verbal and written English

Successful applicants will be provided with extensive training to understand the quality and performance standards required.
For further information regarding these positions please refer to the relevant Position Descriptions above.

417 & 462 Visa applicants please note: Employment at Flavorite does not have a 6-month work limitation. This means you can work for the duration of your visa due to the work falling under cultivation. For more information please refer to https://immi.homeaffairs.gov.au/visas/getting-a-visa/visa-listing/work-holiday-462/6-month-work-limitation

How To Apply

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